Rubrum Nuncios The Nunbrums are Coming: Rubrum Nuncii Ueniunt Rubrum Nuncios


Clicking on SEND will send the task lines listed below
to the Demonstartion and B. E. Window above
Try these Task Lines
Click the buttons below
Task Line Entry Window
The Demo Task Lines are entered here automatically
but you may edit them if you wish or enter your own.
Task Line Report Window
Confirms the Task Line Compilation and Explains the Instructions
Read requests are also presented in this window.

Complete PDF Guide Click Here Download a Complete PDF Guide
BUTTONS:Key to the on-screen buttons Key to the Nest Groups
The Nest Group Locations of NestA_grp, NestB_grp, NestC_grp, NestD_grp and NestE_grp
The Run/Pause Key The RUN/PAUSE Button
Run and Pause the Simulation
TThe Reset Key Reveal Nests
Reveal the Nest Points
TThe Reset Key The RESET Button
Reset the Simulation
TThe Reset Key Reveal MUS P
Reveal the Muster Points
TThe Reset Key Reveal PHT A
Reveal Pheromone Trail A
TThe Reset Key Reveal Pins
Reveal Ant Identity Pins
TThe Reset Key Reveal PHT B
Reveal Pheromone Trail B
TThe Reset Key Number of Ants
Change the number of Ants
participating in the
TThe Reset Key Reveal PHT C
Reveal Pheromone Trail C
TThe Reset Key Go To Drag View
Go to the Drag View window
to re-arrange objects in
the environment
TThe Reset Key Reveal PHT D
Reveal Pheromone Trail D
TThe Reset Key The Time
The Duration of the
Simulation in Seconds
TThe Reset Key